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True Story: From Crazy to Dangerous, How Would You Respond?

Posted in Self Defense, Survival1 year ago • Written by All4buggin.com1 Comment

how to respond in a potentially deadly situationI work from home. So in the evenings I like to get out on occasion. Sometimes I just go to the gym or to get a cup of coffee.—But either way, I have to get out of my apartment or I will go stir crazy.—And so the other night, I settled for both a workout and a cup of coffee.

It was after my workout, and a little after 10:00 p.m., and the only thing that may have been out of the ordinary that night, for some anyway, was that I wanted… err needed a cup of coffee. So I headed towards my favorite Dunkin’ Donuts drive-through. I drove through, picked up my cup of coffee and drove off into the moonlight.—Simple enough. It was uneventful, as it should be.

However, on the way home, as I was coming to a red light on a four-lane, there was a man on foot in the middle of the road. He was moving erratically in between the cars in front of me, which were about two cars up. I always keep about a car’s length between me and the next car when stopped at a red light. Just in case I have to get out of a bad situation. So just like always, I was ready to cut right and gas it if things got to out of hand.

Speaking of bad situations, the situation quickly escalated. The guy went from just running erratically between cars, to banging on car windows and even shaping his hand in the form of a gun and shooting at passengers. Keep in mind, this all took place in about three minutes, max. When the light turned green, he jumped in front of the car to my left and then immediately in front of me where he just stopped and stood still.—I could not drive! That is when I started honking my horn. He immediately started coming towards my window and yelling obscenities. Luckily, that’s when a semi caught his attention with a loud honking of its horn. The man then ran towards the semi’s driver-side door. This allowed me to drive away.

So yeah, I survived. Nothing to the story right? Well, as many people these days often do after a violent attack, or after a cop shoots someone in a situation where others quickly rush to judgement, let’s speculate. Was this guy a threat? At what point would we label him a threat? He was banging on people’s windows.—He did pretend like he was shooting people. Yes, I get it, nothing happened. However, my question is this, what if the man did have a gun and you were in my situation or in any of the other cars around me. Would you be prepared? Would the cops have arrived on time if you dialed 911? What would you have done? Answer in the comments below.

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  1. Raj September 9, 2016 at 2:23 pm - Reply

    Call 911 while at light.

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